Basic Maths Research Reports Procedures

Proceedings of Inaugural Conference 4th - 7th October 2002

Conference Members:

Robert Allen, John Blackwood, Lou de Boer, Stuart Brown, Graham Calderwood, Dirk Cysarz,

Louis Gidney, Ron Jarman, Nick Thomas, Pat Toms, John Walker.

Reports and Documents

John Blackwood - Vortex Forms   (867Kb)

Lou de Boer - The Algebraic Structure of Projective Geometry (10Kb)

Graham Calderwood - See Procedures

Ron Jarman - A New Approach to Geometry  (182Kb) This has been extended beyond the original presentation.

Nick Thomas Exploring Negative Space (41k) (formal version of informal introduction)

Pat Toms - Transformation and Quantum Relationships of Form (10k)

 - Supplement and Sequel

These can be downloaded: they are supplemements to Lawrence Edward's book The Vortex of Life.

Volume 1 part 1 (2.8Mb PDF file)

Volume 1 part 2 (2.9Mb PDF file)

Volume 2 (3.6Mb PDF file)

Volume 3  (2.7Mb PDF file)

Volume 4 (3.1Mb PDF file)

Volume 5 (2.6Mb PDF file)

Volume 6 (3.0Mb PDF file)

Volume 7 (2.9Mb PDF file)

Related Downloadable Documents

Practical Path Curve Calculations for basic algebra and formulae to work with path curves (Word 97 document 186Kb).

Pivot Transforms, N.C. Thomas (in Word97 145Kb),

        and Annex 1 (19Kb), Annex 2 (28Kb) and Annex 3 (27Kb) thereto,

        and the diagrams referred to (256 colour PCX, ZIPped into one file 438Kb).

The Hydraulic Ram (14Kb), Graham Calderwood

Classification of Real Pathcurves (3.3Mb), Lou de Boer


    1. The Vortex of Life, Lawrence Edwards, Floris Press, Edinburgh 1993.

    2. The Field of Form, Lawrence Edwards, Floris Books, Edinburgh 1982.

    3.  Projective Geometry, Lawrence Edwards, Rudolf Steiner Institute, Phoenixville 1985.

    4.  Physical and Ethereal Spaces, George Adams, Rudolf Steiner Press, London 1965.

    5.  Space and the Light of Creation, George Adams Kaufmann, Published by the Author, London 1933.

    6.  The Lemniscatory Ruled Surface in Space and Counterspace, George Adams, Rudolf Steiner Press, London 1979.

   7Universal Forces in Mechanics, George Adams, Rudolf Steiner Press, London 1977.

    8.  The Plant Between Sun and Earth, Adams and Whicher, Rudolf Steiner Press, London 1980.

  10.  Science Between Space and Counterspace, N.C. Thomas, New Science Books, London 1999.

Other Sites

Projective Geometry and Life Forms by Graham Calderwood
Projective Geometry by Nick Thomas

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